The comfortable student-teacher ratio and crazies closer interaction between the teacher and the taught, the general absorption of the students is better assured and that teaching methodology is adopted to shoot their mental level school has the potential to imbibe those qualities among the student which will stand by them to face the future challenges.



The school has a spacious library with a wind range of reference books the school has a well-stocked library with more than 7000 books. including the textbook encyclopedia reference material and literature, the library is contradictorily updated to expose the student to modern trends and concepts of education.  besides the books, the library also subscribes to generals in magazines it is also liquefied with the latest edition of publication and handbooks on various subjects.




The school has a well-equipped physics chemistry and biology lab. The student is provided with requested for the project and practical work which will help them in learning by doing the school processes the most advanced physics, chemistry, and biology labs equipped with necessary apart us and infrastructure to learn through experiments and activities.

Informational technology

With the change trans computer education at the school level has assumed avatar roll the school has a well-equipped computer laboratory for including knowledge on a fast track so that student it of cosmos public school ultimately become leaders in his field.

The school provides the necessary latest hardware and software infrastructure to get to the computing needs of all the students and staff and the training needs of information technology-related courses.


All the systems are equipped with necessary software and the latest configuration and internet connection acids the student in there continuous search for knowledge through the world wide web.